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Let your creativity flow freely, create beautiful feature-packed digital invitations effortlessly and add a touch of class to your event.

  • 100+ design options to craft feature-packed, visually stunning digital invitation cards.
  • Add Live stream, RSVP form links and Google Map address to your digital invitation.
  • Easily share your digital invitation through WhatsApp, social media and email.
  • Recipients can save your event date and address with a click of a button.
  • Suitable for all types of events, whether it's a housewarming, baby shower, cradling ceremony, baptism, birthday celebration, party, holy communion, upanayana, haldi, sangeet, mehndi, roce, wedding, or anniversary.
invitaZ digital invitations

Beautiful and Affordable Digital Invitations for Every Occasion

Experience a revolution in the world of invitations with InvitaZ. We are taking traditional invites for birthdays, weddings, housewarmings, cradling ceremonies, baby showers, holy communions, anniversaries and corporate events to a whole new level by adding a digital twist. With our user-friendly web interface, you can effortlessly invite your loved ones in style. Our range of features supports personalized messages, pre-wedding videos, photo gallery links, wedding live streaming links, RSVP form links, an easy Add to calendar option and Google maps venue locator. You can even add your contact details and social media profiles! And the best part? All these fantastic features are available at an unbeatable price!

How It Works?


Register now and tart your journey by creating a free account on invitaZ, and guess what? The Standard plan of invitaz is absolutely free!


Choose your design, fill in the details like where and when your event is happening, add a invite message. Your digital invitation is all set to go!


Send it on WhatsApp, social media, and email. Plus, unique QR code printed on your physical card allows for even more customised experience!

Modern Digital Invitations

Modern Digital Invitation Cards

Wave farewell to the complications of old-fashioned paper invites and step into the digital age with invitaZ. Our Digital Invitation service presents exquisitely designed, customizable invitations for every kind of event. We make it simple to make your guests feel cherished - our invitations can be tailored to match the vibe of your guest list. Be it a lively birthday party or a lavish wedding ceremony, we have got all your needs covered! The icing on the cake is our feature that connects with forms for RSVPs, Google Map Address. Prepare yourself for unparalleled sophistication and efficiency paired with speedy delivery - welcome to the revolution in digital invitations.

Easy Share and Save

Experience the thrill of effortless sharing and stylish connecting with invitaZ digital invitations! Turn your ordinary event invites into extraordinary ones, and let your guests be amazed. InvitaZ provides a vast array of design options that can be tailored to suit any occasion - be it birthdays, weddings, or corporate events. Want to up the ante? Create your own unique QR code! It can be printed on traditional invitation cards too - a perfect blend of old-world charm and contemporary technology. With invitaZ digital invitations, every invite becomes as special as the event itself. Plus, recipients have the convenience of saving event details with a simple - Add to Calendar option. So why wait? Dazzle everyone with invitaz today!

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Elevate your forthcoming occasions with our Standard plan from invitaZ digital invitations, and guess what? It is completely free! Utilize its distinctive features like - Add to Calendar option ensuring no one skips your special day. You also get the chance to personalize and download a QR code tailored for your digital invite. This allows you to effortlessly print it on any personal invitation card. Our Premium plans go an extra mile by providing more exclusive features. These plans let you add Additional Information Fields such as Google map address, youtube live streaming link, RSVP form link. Be it highlighting social media profiles or sharing WhatsApp contact info, these additional features guarantee all vital details are readily available for your guests!

Standard Invites

Features of Standard Invites Plan
  • 0 Additional fields on card
  • Unlimited Scans Per Month
  • 100+ Design Options
  • Easy Add to Calendar
  • Customised QR Code
  • Additional Information Fields
  •   ◦ WhatsApp & Contact Number
  •   ◦ Email & Social Media Profiles
  •   ◦ Google Location Address
  •   ◦ YouTube & Live Stream Links
  •   ◦ RSVP Form Links
Current Plan

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Elevate Your celebration with our exquisite and stylish invitations. Immerse yourself in unmatched craftsmanship and personalization. Let every detail reflect your unique story. Order now for a bespoke experience tailored to your distinctive taste. Your celebration, your style – unveil the extraordinary!


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